DIY Sanitizer for COVID-19 Shortages

Hand sanitizer has turned into one of the most sought-after products in grocery stores, online, and in any medical facility. While there is no replacement for washing your hands, learn from Chief Medical Officer Shana O'Marra, DVM, DACVECC, about how she made hand sanitizer for DoveLewis based on the World Health Organization guidelines.

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Many of you may be encountering the same supply shortages we are during the COVID-19 pandemic. You may be encountering a limited supply of hand sanitizer left and may not be able to obtain more in a reasonable time period. So, DoveLewis' Chief Medical Officer Shana O'Marra, DVM, DACVECC, decided to make a batch of sanitizer based on the WHO guidelines to help combat sanitizer shortages at our hospital (our first production was a ⅓ of the 10L preparation, creating just over 3L of sanitizer). 


It is important to note that it may be difficult getting the raw materials for these recipes right now. Handwashing continues to be more effective than applying hand sanitizer. Use sanitizer only when necessary to help save your remaining supply.



DoveLewis used the second recipe based off of the World Health Organization’s "Guide to Local Production: WHO-recommended Handrub Formulations". Click here to see the full WHO guide.


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