5 Tips for Hiring Veterinary Receptionists: 4/5

Posted: Jun 11, 2012
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Tip #4: New hires won’t remember everything shown to them in the “training” period (nobody could).

Our new receptionists have 80 hours of focused training before they work on the floor by themselves during a shift. About 25-30 hours are spent off the floor practicing and training on our software, and going over the most important polices and operations. The rest of the time is spent on the floor actively shadowing either myself or a team member who is solid in their understanding of the position.

They practice the new skills they have learned in real time and sit in on any new tasks. We have identified the base level skills and knowledge a new receptionist needs to exhibit and be comfortable, before we set them loose on the desk. We go over this information several times in different contexts to make sure they get it. I guard these first few weeks even if it means working a few longer shifts or investing in overtime for other team members, so the new hire has a solid base to jump off from. It’s also important they know the resources available to them and can show proficiency and understanding of the basics of the position. I can also honestly evaluate their performance - are they getting it?

If not, what will it take to get them there? Do they have an understanding of where they need to be?

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