5 Tips for Hiring Veterinary Receptionists: 5/5

Posted: Jun 11, 2012
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Tip #5: Foster an atmosphere of learning in hospital.

This is vital for a successful on-boarding of a new hire, no matter what the position. A receptionist new to the industry will have many questions and will be presented with many opportunities to learn. If the floor staff is not willing or able to help with new hires’ growth and development, they will not be successful or able to do their best. Floor staff needs to maintain an open and helpful attitude with all tasks, and that includes welcoming and training a new team member. The investment can be taxing on the staff but will benefit everyone in the long run. The experience can shape a new receptionist into a vital member of the team.



Dana May's picture

You are so patient! I remember overhearing you once during my lunch break years ago while you were training a newbee on Cornerstone. Technical explanations are difficult and you were smooth and kind at explaining the same thing in different ways.

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This is so vital to the entire team. As the "lead" receptionist at a multi-Dr hospital, I have found that by delegating a specific learning task to others has helped booster confidence all around. We have had a major change in the CS staff and needed to get everyone up to speed very quickly. Frustration with training, there just isn't time! Need to to teach with confidence and be open for all questions .

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Susan- You make a good point that spreading the training around to others in hospital helps to keep one person from getting "training burnout" when there are several new folks starting near the same time and it gives other staff members the opportunity to show off what they know and connect with each other. Even when it feels like there is not time, I totally guard training time, like a mother hen watching over her brood, as a new hire's on-boarding is so important especially for someone new to the profession. The new team member needs to feel supported and comfortable asking questions of anyone in hospital.