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Posted: Mar 29, 2016
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This is a mantra here at It’s one of the main reasons for the development of this website and why I have spent the last 5 years working to create the videos and articles found here – because I believe so strongly that in order to stay engaged we need to continue to learn. That is why I have decided it is time to move on to a new chapter in my career.

When I started my career at DoveLewis I was a very young, very naïve technician. Fresh out of school I thought I knew what I was getting into. I was quickly proven wrong during that first long overnight shift and the past 16 years has seen me continue to marvel at all there is to still learn about veterinary medicine, about people management, about client communication, and about myself. Working at DoveLewis has given me the opportunity to set personal and professional goals and achieve those goals through my own hard work and the mentorship and trust of those I have worked with. While luck alone cannot turn anyone into a success, I count myself lucky to have the job that I have and work with the people I get to work with.

I found myself growing restless over the last few months and came to the realization that I am too comfortable in my career. I found that simply loving what I get to do at DoveLewis and with isn’t enough; that I needed a push – I needed to remember to never stop learning. That nagging restlessness led me to the decision to accept a position training technicians at two large specialty hospitals - I’ll be splitting my time between Portland and Seattle. This new position will allow me to work with two different sets of specialists and technicians; working in some specialties that I have not yet been exposed. This new job will allow me to bring the skills and knowledge I have gained at DoveLewis and share them with a new group of veterinary professionals.

While I will miss the opportunity to interact with the students and professionals supplementing their knowledge via, I am eager to see the impact and contributions that others will bring to future videos and articles. My departure allows the next generation of DoveLewis employees the opportunity to create videos that continue the learning this website promotes. I cannot begin to thank all of you who make a success – all of you eager to better your knowledge and better the lives of your patients and their owners.

Continue to keep learning and keep pushing yourselves to get better! Thank you for your enthusiasm, thank you to DoveLewis for giving me every opportunity to achieve my goals, and thank you to every patient and client for teaching me how to be a better technician. Onward to the next challenge – never stop learning.

My First DoveLewis Video


Disclaimer: This was one of the first videos we filmed, meant as proof of concept, never meant for everyone's eyeballs, but a fun look back at our beginnings. And proof that everyone has to start somewhere! Don't assign this video...



Elise  Ritter's picture

Congratulations on your new opportunity, Megan! Your passion for learning has sparked the same in so many of us. I wish you all the best with your continued learning in your new role!

Katrina Bowers's picture

Awwww Megan! So happy for your new endeavor. It has been great meeting you over the years. Best wishes

Jennifer TurnerOliveira's picture

So happy for you but I JUST found you.....This is an amazing site. I know you have had a great influence on many technicians. I am sure you will continue to make great contributions. My hope is that Dove will continue what you started as it is truly valuable! Thank you for making such a huge effort to allow us into the Dove world to learn so much.
Good luck.

Carolyn Clary-Macy's picture

Thank you so much for all you have done for the veterinary practices world wide! What you have created here is an incredible resource! Good luck with your new endeavor!

Kristen Black's picture

Congratulations!! You've been a HUGE inspiration to me and the rest of us at my clinic. It was such an honor meeting you at NAVC this year because you're a wonderful role model to me. Thank you for the education and keep doing what you're doing!!

Megan Brashear's picture

It's almost overwhelming the amount of support I have received from this huge atdove family - thank you all SO MUCH! The team here is dedicated to continuing to add more awesome videos, articles, and blogs for everyone and I'm excited to see where it goes from here! I look forward to meeting more of you out in the world!