Site Update: New Training Plans!

Posted: Jul 25, 2014
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Having pre-built and custom training plans available for our administrators will be the biggest addition to our website all year. On the Floor @Dove's new Training Plan feature ensures consistent training for each employee through organized pre-built or custom plans, and is useful for new employees or those advancing in their position. 

Pre-Built Training Plans:

Pre-built training plans get you started by allowing you to assign a pre-made plan to your member(s) right away. These training plans are available for multiple positions within the hospital and can be structured to let employees see their progress as they obtain new skills. Currently, On the Floor @Dove has pre-built training plans for on-boarding your new technicians and assistants. On the Floor @Dove will soon be offering pre-built plans for intermediate and advanced technician skills, new managers, and receptionists, as well. Simply assign these plans to employees to begin a structured staff training program with ease.

Custom Training Plans:

You can create custom training plans to cater to the specific needs of your hospital and employees. This feature allows you to select the videos and articles you want in the training plan (there is no limit), then it gives you the ability to assign that plan to your member(s). Your custom training plans are all saved in your account and can be added to, deleted, or assigned to a new member at any time.

For step by step instructions on how to use the Training Plan Feature, visit the help topic here.



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Sounds great! Would REALLY love to see a training program for receptionists, too. Thanks.