Three Awesome Holiday Gifts From Clients

Posted: Dec 18, 2013
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Our hospital doors at DoveLewis are open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. The holidays are often some of our busiest times, and require a full staff. This means that our holidays are often spent away from family, friends and the traditional celebrations of the season. The passion and dedication our team shows to our clients each and every day truly endears our clients to us, and makes them want to share part of their holiday with us.

DoveLewis holiday event with dogs and Santa

Here are three stand-out examples:

1. This last November a family brought us a feast to share as part of for their family’s unique celebration of “Diwaligiving”  a hybrid celebration of Diwali and Thanksgiving. A few weeks before the United State’s observance of Thanksgiving our hospital was filled with wonderful Indian food and a turkey, and it was a beautiful way for these clients to share their appreciation of the work we do.

2. Several years ago a client (and generous donor!) purchased a fully decorated Christmas tree for display in our in our second floor lobby. The tree was “dog themed” and came complete with milk bone dog biscuits which had been dipped in glitter and paint and was used as a fun garland strung around the tree. The view of the tree from the street was impressive and it was a delightful gift. That amazing tree, however, tempted one of our visiting office dogs who snuck away and tasted one of the glittery dog biscuits. "Hello, foreign body!"  He ended up getting checked into the hospital to have the painted biscuit, and the wire which strung it together, removed. Full surgery was not needed... “only” an endoscope procedure.

3. One of our most committed and supportive volunteers has made a tradition of bringing milk and cookies to the hospital for every U.S. holiday. The treatment and care he received as a client over seven years ago still resonates with him to this day.

Each client interaction we have in veterinary practice is an opportunity to expand our family, and make new connections with individuals who will be grateful (and hopefully stay connected with your staff for years to come). Happy holidays, everyone!



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That is so wonderful! It is so nice to see the appreciation given!. We were given so many candies and goodies this year it was insane! One nice thing given was one our really great clients brought the clinic a gift card to the local pizza place for us to have a pizza party or to just grab lunch if we need it. :) Life is so blessed!