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Posted: Sep 6, 2012
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I’ve taken a half step away from management in the past month – surrendered my day to day floor management duties to the capable hands of the next wave of technician leadership at DoveLewis. Boy does it feel good.

I’ve been intimately (yes, the choice of that word is purposeful; as any of you in management know, your job becomes your relationship/life/pride and joy/doesn’t allow for anything else to take up room in your brain or life) involved with technician management since 2004. For eight years the technician schedule has taken priority, run my life, filled my holidays, and kept me up at night. I worried about this moment, the time that I would no longer obsess about who was where and when. Would I be okay giving it up? Would I go through the DT shakes? Would I feel left out of the loop? Do I actually have any hobbies to fill my soon to be oodles of free time? Thanks to the ever-present staffing challenges I’m still very much in the loop, and my lack of hobbies will probably continue to not be a problem for a little while, but everything still feels good.

Management is tough for me. I have a “feeling” personality; I get emotional and take things personally. I have a hard time separating personal from business and I agonize over decisions that may hurt people’s feelings. I’ve toughened up over the past few years (which is probably going to serve me well in general, let’s be honest) but I’m not going to miss some of those intense conversations. Now I get to share my pearls of wisdom with the new manager and sounds like I know what I’m talking about…

The point of all of this is that now I get to focus on my passion: teaching. Passing off the day to day management duties allows me to travel to other hospitals and teach fellow technicians. I get to travel to conferences and speak about all of the nerdy medical things that I get excited about. I get to focus on this website to make it as interesting and as useful as I can. I get to work with new DoveLewis employees and train them up in emergency medicine. It’s fantastic. It’s a new chapter in my 13-year career and I’m energized all over again. You’ll still find me filling in on the overnight shift, I’m still picking up on-call shifts over the holidays, and I’m still wandering through the ICU wanting to hear about interesting cases. Keeping my brain in ‘on the floor’ mode is important to me, but it’s less obligation and much more fun. Good luck all you managers out there! I’m off to cultivate some hobbies.

[Editor's note: It's been a month since Megan wrote this. She still hasn't cultivated any hobbies AND has worked two overnight shifts this week AND is headed off to IVECCS this Saturday. Comment below to suggest a new hobby for her please.]



Amy Meyer's picture

I love reading your blogs, always very entertaing!

Amy Meyer's picture

entertaining* ..and you're doing a wonderful job on this website. :)

Megan Brashear's picture

Thank you Coby. While my lifestyle needs a makeover before it qualifies as extreme anything other than vanilla the website is SUPER and I have almost a thousand pictures of extreme ironing to look at. New hobby. Done.
PS - thank you Amy M. for thinking I am entertaining... now that makes two of us :)

Samantha-Josephine Kosovich's picture

Hey Megan, your honestly an inspiration to young nurse like myself.
Hobby suggestion:- why not volunteer at shelter groups? :)