CSR Appreciation

Posted: May 17, 2016
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It’s Client Service Representative Appreciation Week at DoveLewis! What does this mean? Our hospital spends a full week showering our amazing CSR staff with the attention they deserve and highlighting the important role they play at our hospital. Think food, yummy treats, hospital-wide recognition, cards and more. Follow atdove.org on Facebook and Instagram this week to see all the ways we’re celebrating. 

Working the front desk at a busy veterinary practice is HARD WORK! Triaging, working with emotional clients, cleaning up messes, discharging patients, processing paperwork, answering the most absurd of phone calls….and doing it all with a SMILES ON THEIR FACES. There aren’t too many of us who can do that. The ones that do, we cannot thank you enough!  

So for all you CSRs, receptionists, front desk staff and more; from the veterinary team here at DoveLewis, this is for you.





Daria Mitsos's picture

What week do you celebrate CSR's? I've been looking for information on this since I have recently hired some.

Beth Ann Fretz's picture

This year, we celebrated our CSRs May 15-21. We normally pick a week in the Spring that best accommodates everyone’s schedules!

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What kinds of things has everyone done for CSR Week? Just thought it might be nice to share some ideas!! This year we did a Scavenger Hunt. I left clues in different places of the hospital and even clues about finding a specific person and at the end of it they got a special bag with goodies in it! I also did a hand written card for each one with a StarBucks gift card inside, special posters with photos of each one and then the rest of our staff could write nice things about each one of them on it and then we had lunch all ordered and delivered for them one day.