CSR Terminology 101

Posted: Jul 15, 2019
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P is QAR, normal BP/HR/MM. LMOM for O to discuss US DX and SX recomendations.

Wait, what? Sometimes reading medical notes can seem like a jigsaw puzzle, especially for CSR's new to the veterinary field. Our front desk team here at DoveLewis put together this list of frequently used terms and acronyms that are helpful to reference during your training! Print this sheet and add your own clinic acronyms to ensure that communication is clear and effective.

To print using Chrome, right click on image above and select Open image in new tab. Click the three vertical dots in the far right hand corner, and select print.

To print using Internet Explorer, right click on the image above and save to your desktop. Open image from your desktop, and print the image to fit one full page.




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how about HBC - hit by car; used a lot in my former practices.

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Hi Jordan,

We have corrected the document, thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Please feel free tor each out to me directly via email, hhayes@dovelewis.org, with any other questions or feedback.