Drinks After Work

Posted: Jun 5, 2012
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Many shifts leave me feeling like a weary soldier of the ER/ICU, and (more often than not) the Grim Reaper. These times call for a drink. I envy those of you that can meet for so-called "happy hour", the late sunlight glinting in your hair as you sip a discounted Margarita or IPA.

The hang-up is that I work overnights. I get home at 8am. This is not a "happy" hour. It is against social norm for me to stop in at Joe’s Cellar for a double vodka soda (with a twist please), especially if my scrubs have mysterious stains (point: I know exactly what they are). I concede I’m a little sensitive about this. No one will likely turn away from their electronic Lottery machines to judge me. I judge myself. The thought of consuming an alcoholic beverage at 8am in the morning, after a 14 hour shift, makes my stomach curdle. After a shift filled with crazy/confused/crashing clients, I drink water with a melatonin tab melting under my tongue.

Then I hit my "Friday" and know I don’t need to wake up with any degree of rationale or focus in the morning, so I book it to whatever breakfast joint is open for a bloody mary. I order them like a Seattlite orders a latte. Make it a double, in a tall glass, extra spicy, salt, extra veggies. Please. And keep them coming. I have a week of missed happy hours to make up for.



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You speak the truth, Nikki. I try to explain to my family (you know, the family members who DON'T live with you and can't seem to grasp the DVM life) that wacky hours and on call shift FORCE me into a binge and purge lifestyle. No...I'm never going to be able to drink anyone under the table aside from myself. I just don't get enough days in a row to practice!

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Cheers to that! Especially now that it's summer, a beer with "dinner" is sadly missed.