5 Tips for Hiring Receptionists: 1/5

Posted: Jun 7, 2012
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Hiring a new receptionist into the hospital is always a huge investment of time and energy and even more so when the new hire is green to the veterinary industry but a fresh perspective can be an essential addition to the reception team as well as the entire hospital. While working at DoveLewis I’ve interviewed over 100 candidates and hired about 40 people into receptionist positions - in three different and distinctive clinic settings. I always keep a few reminders top of mind when hiring and training a new team member.

Tip #1: Solid past customer service is golden. When looking for a new receptionist it's great to find a candidate with past clinic experience but not necessary - more important is a history of past excellent customer service. In fact candidates with past clinic experience might have picked up on bad habits or come in as a ‘know it all’ which can present it own challenges. Breaking bad habits is much tougher than educating a willing candidate on hospital and medical protocol. Future successful receptionists know how to multi-task all the while maintaining a pleasant and appropriate tone and demeanor. Individuals with past retail and restaurant experience who can articulate their successes and challenges in those industries are always worth considering. Getting to the heart of a candidate’s philosophy on client service is paramount because if they can articulate it, they can do it. This philosophy must include an understanding that service does not end with the client but needs to extent to every other team member in the hospital.