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Posted: Dec 17, 2012
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I’ve been in the professional world for a number of years now, and have been the lucky recipient of a few different bonuses. They have been in the form of gift cards, contributions to retirement, a nice dinner out, cash, chocolate, you name it. And I am sincerely grateful for every single extra that I get. 

Here at DoveLewis, we receive length of service awards. At milestone anniversaries (3 years, 5 years, 10 years, etc) we get a choice of a cash bonus or giftcard to one of a few stores (Target. It’s always Target for me. That place is like the siren song to my debit card. I can’t get out of there for less than $50. Ever.) and the longer you’re here, the bigger the bonus. My anniversary falls around the holidays, and in my financial ‘lean’ years (let’s face it, isn’t that every year?) I’ve used that money to buy groceries, (my Target is one of those fancy ones), one year it paid for dog Christmas (I spoil my dogs. To an almost embarrassing level. Perhaps that explains the financial lean years?), and one year it even paid for family Christmas (2 dogs vs. my entire family? Yeah I spoil my dogs). For my 10 year bonus I had it all planned out. I was going to buy something LASTING. I was going to save a bit of cash, and combined with this anniversary money I was going to buy a flat screen tv. I price shopped, I measured, I rearranged the furniture to face the soon to be tv wall, and I blew it. I can’t remember what I spend the money on but I still have the furniture arranged to stare at a picture on the wall (it’s a nice picture, but it ain’t the newest episode of Homeland I’ll tell you that!)

I’ve also been on the other side of bonuses, the deciding side. I’ve attended many management meetings where we decide how much is ‘worth it’ to the staff. How much cash is insulting to give and call it a “bonus”? Veterinary people work HARD. This job is grueling physically, emotionally, and financially. The people who do it need to be recognized and rewarded; the challenge is finding the right reward.

Is this simply a blog about my financial issues? Nope, this is a blog about rewarding people for the work that they do. Rewarding them not only at the holidays, not only when they’ve been working there for 10 years, but rewarding them every day. We believe this website is just that. It’s the opportunity to learn, to improve, to commiserate, to laugh, excel, and be inspired about the great work that we all do. We feel that you’re all worth it. You’re worth $350 a year to get great CE, to watch procedure videos, to read interesting articles, to get practical knowledge. So DO IT. Support staff? Ask. Talk to your managers, tell them you’ll use it, tell them you’re worth it. Managers? Owners? Buy it. Your staff is worth it. They’re better than a flat screen tv anyway.



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I'm pretty sure you spent that bonus playing craps and or roulette....just sayin'.

Dana May's picture

thanks for this post, Megan. funny, we were just talking about this (I hadn't read your blog yet,really!). I think the gift of education is a fine reward. Often, participating (or viewing) a CE re-inspires us techs and motivates more good work. On that note, I am excited to trouble shoot and help the post holiday DKA patient that is sure to grace our ICU.

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I agree Dana, I'm never more fired up than after watching/attending/providing education. Even just a facebook discussion on an interesting case gets me fired up to hit the floor. Go knowledge!

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Wonderful post! I find CE very encouraging and beneficial, and am very grateful to all the managers who support it. Thanks!