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Posted: Feb 24, 2016
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We’ve been doing yoga, coloring sheets, having healthy snacks, and taking extra time for ourselves because it’s self-care month at DoveLewis. But there’s one topic that’s got us all talking: our shoes! So we’re giving away a shoebox full of goodies to one of you who shows us your kicks in our kicks photo contest.

Hours of standing, bending, crouching, contorting while restraining and lifting all take a toll on our bodies and if you’re not taking steps to mitigate that toll, chances are you’re going to be in pain. We recently had to have a talk about how quickly we were going through ibuprofen. One sure way to mitigate pain and irritation is to start at the foundation… your feet.

How do you choose your work shoes? They’re one of the most important items you wear each day.

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received was from my first manager. Little did I know how right she was when she told me to, “bring two pairs of shoes for your first week, then when your feet get tired mid-day, you can change your shoes and keep going.” The first few weeks on a new job are always the toughest, especially if it’s your first job or your first active job away from a desk. visited the floor to see what our staff had to say on the issue. (It’s on video) It’s not the Nike vs. Adidas conversation typically had among Portlanders. Style was more of a factor than anyone expected and it seems there’s no one perfect shoe for this job. Shoes not only perform a very important function of protecting and supporting your feet, but can be an extension of one’s identity. Many people in the veterinary field are introverts by nature, and shoes are a way to play with aspects of our identity.

According to orthopaedists, shoes should conform to the shape of your foot and leave a half an inch between the end of your longest toe and tip of your shoe. Try on different shoes to find the right fit. You can even get fitted at local running stores! Your shoes should be comfortable! Running shoes and cross-trainers are popular here. And really, doesn’t it feel like you’re running a marathon at work some days?

So, what’s on your feet? Tell us here!



VetScience NCCC's picture

Oh my gosh! My students just loved this little segment. They really wanted to send you a picture of all the shoes worn in our student lab but we really could not figure it out. Thanks for allowing us a laugh on a Friday!

Jessica Rust's picture
VetScience NCCC - Glad to hear your students got a kick out of our shoe discussion video. Sorry to hear you were having problems sending a photo. I just sent you an email regarding this.
Jamie Holms's picture

The screaming cat commenting on shoes is my favorite part, besides the awesome music. I am also a firm believer in after-market insoles.

Samantha Marsden's picture

Jamie, the fact that the screaming cat doesn't even phase Billy, the person on camera, is what makes the whole thing even better. The sounds we become used to working in a busy hospital!

Tiera Curtis's picture

The most comfortable work shoes I have found so far are basically Crocs, but they have a brand called Easy Work- or Work Easy. The look similar to Croc's and to see them you would think that is what they are, but walking in them, they have this squishy comfort that is amazing for being on your feet long hours.