My Dog Ate Christmas

Posted: Dec 20, 2013
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So, I wasn’t going to write a blog this month cause I couldn’t think of anything holiday related that I wanted to write about. But then a Christmas Miracle took place! Well, more like a forgetful roommate and a naughty dog...

My roommate left her stocking stuffers in a bag on the floor, much to the delight of my Labrador, who then made the executive decision to taste test them (AKA devour them whole, wrappers and all). He likes to think of himself as the quality assurance manager of the house.

I came home from work and he greeted me at the door as usual, albeit a bit more excited and hyper than usual. I overlooked that, fed him and let him out for a pee. I went upstairs to say hi to my cat and what do I find? It wasn’t Santa. Chewed-up remains of wrappers on my dog’s bed. He was standing at the top of the stairs with his "ughhhhhhh it wasn’t me, ok maybe it was me, ok it was me but I can explain!" face as I picked up the wrappers to read the contents. I’m not too concerned about chocolate consumption because he's a big dog and ate within the "safe range" of toxicity danger. I’m scanning the Clif Bar wrapper and am about halfway down the ingredient list when I see it... “*%*&!, there are raisins in these!!!" So, back to DoveLewis I go, my dog in tow..

Chocolate and raisin vomit

Merry Christmas,




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Incredible the way that dog's take it upon themselves to make a buffet out of anything bite size, actually out of anything at all.