My Job in a Nutshell

Posted: Jul 5, 2012
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My job consists of two main parts: auditing the charts of the patients currently in hospital and updating clients on their pet’s charges. 

Here is a short (really, who wants to listen to auditing detailsssszzzzzzzzzzz) synopsis of my auditing:

  • Take physical chart to compare check in orders, daily treatment sheet, bloodwork results, etc. with charges entered into our software system. This is to make sure things have not been over, under, incorrectly charged, or missed. I then read case summaries, surgery reports, radiology reports, etc. to double-check that everything that has been performed has made it into the charges.
  • From the treatment sheet I record medications, blood work, level of hospitalization, new orders/changes that will occur over the next 24 hours for the patient. Then I come up with a 24-hour estimate, and speak with the DVM to assure I am parallel with their patient plan.
  • I update the client on where their current charges are compared to the deposit that was left on admittance. Depending on the plan for the patient, I may or may not take a further deposit. In most cases a further deposit is taken.

I prefer to speak to clients when they are at the hospital visiting their pet, as I appreciate the face-to-face value better than over the phone. It helps me build rapport with the clients and puts a face behind the person asking them for money.

Mine is a phone call clients never like receiving. Sort of like when your Mom calls to tell you she’s coming to visit for 2 weeks. Seriously Mom, there are house guest etiquette rules pertaining to length of stay. How many times do I have to leave the magazine open to that magazine article? Clients usually answer frantically because of the "we will call if something changes, but no news is good news". Thanks for setting me up for that techs & DVMs. I quickly have to state who I am and that "Skippy" is stable and I am JUST updating on finances. Sometimes the client doesn’t answer, then sees they missed a call from DoveLewis, and then doesn’t listen to the message but just calls back nervously stating that they just missed a call from us… 

From now on, I will be blogging about my exciting/frustrating/happy/rewarding/sad/enjoyable job and experiences at DoveLewis. Please see my future entries. It’s about to get cray cray.



Dana May's picture

I am so glad we have you for our second pair of eyes, especially on the days I am bleary eyed and catching up with charges.

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who checks for me when i am bleary eyed......uh oh....ha ha.