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Posted: Aug 20, 2013
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I met Liz Hughston online almost two years ago and we had an instant connection. No, this is not an online dating story; this is a story of how brought DoveLewis and Adobe Animal Hospital together. So sure, online dating for animal hospitals.

Liz is super excited about education, about technicians, and about patient care. She is a perfect match for online technician education and training, and was a fan of early in our beta test period. By the magic of Facebook we got to know Liz and Adobe and some of the other superstar employees there (I’m talking about you Jamie Holmes and Ken Yagi!). Monica and I were traveling to San Francisco to exhibit at PacVet and we planned a trip to Adobe Animal Hospital to meet Liz and the team. Wow. Awesome. Adobe has been described as a "hospital on steroids" and that is not a wrong assessment. It’s huge, and busy, and they are doing some amazing stuff there. Monica and I were so excited to meet them, and to find out how they used with staff training in their unique hospital environment.

Liz was loud, and crazy, and chatty, and extroverted, and I loved it. I knew as soon as she started making out with Critical Care Jerry (she claims it was mouth-to-snout, take a look and decide for yourself) that this was someone who fit into my world!

Liz Hughston giving mouth-to-mouth to Critical Care Jerry.

Liz traveled to Portland to attend the DoveLewis Annual Conference last year and spent a couple hours in ICU with me. We hung out a bit at IVECCS and have had a couple of interesting web chats as well. It’s been really fun to get to know her, and so eventually I asked her to do some writing for us. Liz is the perfect person to guest blog for because she is motivated by learning, cares greatly for her patients and wants technicians to increase their professional standing. As I hope to see more blogs from Liz in the future, I wanted to introduce her to all of you, and welcome her to the atdove family!



Jamie Holms's picture

Did Liz mention that in addition to all the other craziness she's gotten up to, that she's the CaRVTA RVT of the Year?

Lani O'Brien's picture

Liz is an amazing person and a superstar RVT! Great to see her here on @Dove, can't wait to read the blogs! :)

Megan Brashear's picture

So excited to see OTHER people excited about Liz! She is awesome and I'm happy we were able to get her to do some writing for us. If any of you have any desires for blog posts let us know!