Why I Like Overnights

Posted: Jun 11, 2012
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Do I like overnights? Does anyone like overnights?

Maybe a few masochistic vampires out there can truly answer yes but the truth is that working graveyard is tough. It is unnatural and completely socially alienating. Though I have worked graveyard off and on for over 3 years now, my family and friends still like to call me at noon, sometimes repeatedly, and seem surprised that I am still sleeping. And no matter how many times I explain that “No, I am not a deadbeat. I was up all night WORKING”, I still get the suspicion that they think I am.

So why do we do it? In emergency animal medicine nighttime is when the action happens. We are the “thrill seekers”, the “adrenaline junkies”. This is the time when you get to see super-rare cases and the time when you get to learn and practice more extreme medicine. Plus we get paid a little more (sorry day crew, but you know it’s true).

If overnights seems appealing to you, buy some blackout curtains and kiss your tan and social life goodbye. Welcome to my world!

Overnight shift level expert