Pac-Man Foreign Body

Posted: Jun 5, 2012
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In the midst of a heartbreaking weekend of fixable pets not getting fixed due to finances, this little ray of humor perked me up.

A 5 year old Bulldog presented for 2 weeks of intermittent gastrointestinal signs. The radiographs were definitive for obstruction… in fact, it looked like she had consumed Pac-Man.

Lateral radiograph canine abdominal foreign body.Lateral radiograph canine foreign body with pac-man outline.Surgery revealed a green rubber piece shaped like Pac-Man but clearly belonging to some other toy. Pac-Man was firmly stuck in her mid-jejunum, requiring resection and anastomosis, she went home and is doing well.



Dana May's picture

I like that you liken things encountered in veterinary medicine to video game characters instead of food- Pac Man instead of a wheel of cheese. I'll never be the one to declare a patient's poop looks like DQ soft serve. Though, once after a very long day of multiple surgeries and missed dinner I thought the contents of the suction bucket looked like a Greyhound Martini.