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Posted: Dec 10, 2012
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Due to popular demand, we have added a super-useful new feature:

When a member watches any video, they can now take a short quiz at the end! Once they pass the quiz they have the option to forward their proof of completion to their account administrator. If you're a member and your boss wants tangible proof of what you are learning, this solves that.

This comes in handy if you're the administrator and want to be involved with how your staff is using the site and allows to to be involved with structuring your staff's learning goals to meet the unique needs of your practice. This feature not only assures that members watch a video, but also that they payed attention and learned something.

Our videos, articles and blogs are intended for everyone in veterinary medicine. We have assistant, tech, doctor, front desk staff, and practice management content. We believe that the more educated ALL hospital staff is the better they can be at their own jobs, as well as understand each other’s role in the practice.

Here are a few ways you can use to train yourself and your staff:

* Watch a procedure you haven’t done in a while to refresh

* Assign videos to new employees so they can review before performing, as part of their new hire training

* Watch a discussion on a disease or practice management topic to help expand your knowledge

* Group videos together and assign them to your staff for the purposes of discussing a disease process during a staff meeting

* Discuss procedures in hospital training meetings by watching videos and talking through techniques

* Keep staff engaged by giving them the freedom to study new topics and procedures, and ask questions

* Save conference money by having your staff watch RACE-approved lectures online

Want in on this for your staff? Want to tell your boss about this? Click here for all the info.



Jayde Quigley's picture

Was going to request this feature so THANK YOU for being so great!

Sarah Crisp's picture

Thanks Jayde! We're always trying to make the site more useful for everybody, glad you like it.