Technician Appreciation

Posted: Oct 17, 2016
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It’s National Veterinary Technician Week! DoveLewis is spending this week showering our amazing Technician and Assistant staff with the attention they deserve and highlighting the important role they play at our hospital. Think food, yummy treats, hospital-wide recognition, special shout-outs, cards and more. 

We also get to spend the week showing how much we value the important work you, our member, do as a Technician. YOU are the reason we launched this website in 2011. We wanted to find the best way to serve Technicians that wanted to learn more, do more, and showcase what an asset you are to your clinic, patients, and the clients you care for. We are proud that we now offer more than 450 short procedural videos to help an entire veterinary staff learn become the best they can be in their jobs. Follow on Facebook and Instagram this week to see all the special ways we’re celebrating and recognizing the Technician profession. 

So for all you Techs out there; from the veterinary team here at DoveLewis, this is for you.