The Post-Conference Zoomies

Posted: Sep 24, 2018
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Zoomies: when your dog runs around the house like crazy- jumping on the couch, running up or down the stairs, and all over the house. It usually ends with them falling to the floor, panting like crazy and taking a nap.  – Urban Dictionary


My two dogs have retired from their days of tearing up squeaky toys and rough-housing all day long.  Their retirement days mostly consist of eating, sleeping and avoiding the cat.  However, there is still one thing that can make them rip through the house once again.   THE POST-BATH ZOOMIES.  I’m pretty certain it’s one of the most universal behavioral traits of dogs.  Hate bath time; love the post-bath romping.  I’ve often watched them in this wet, hairy madness and wondered what in the world has possessed my dogs.  Believe it or not, there are a lot of theories around the post-bath zoomies.  It could be adrenaline, attempts to dry their fur, a negative response to their new non-dog smell...or maybe it is just PURE JOY. 

After IVECCS this year, I realized that veterinary professionals often act in a similar way after attending conferences.  Well rested and energized we are driven by the reminder of why we fell in love with our jobs.  Full of ideas and our love of science we get the VET MED ZOOMIES. Causes may include: a full nights rest in a bed without 5 or more pets, the excitement of seeing friends and colleagues from all over the world, or just the pure joy of being a science-loving NERD!

I know that after attending conference, I perform at my peak physical, mental and emotional capability.  This is directly related to my feelings of engagement with my job.  Work engagement can vary in its definition, but the one I like best says, “Work engagement is defined as positive behavior or a positive state of mind at work that leads to positive work-related outcomes.” 

Leaving work tonight, it was hard not to feel proud, knowing that the assistant staff was in a restraint lab and the tech department is planning an upcoming IVECCS review, sharing take-away lessons with the entire department.  Identifying our individual motivators can help us all feel more engaged with our jobs.  CE should not just be about renewing a license and education directed at non-licensed staff can have great benefits.  If you love to learn like I do, don’t be shy about it.  Let’s be honest; you may seem a little crazy, but the zoomies FEEL good and are actually quite contagious.