Veterinary Survival Tip: Bad Smells & Gagging

Posted: Mar 27, 2014
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The best advice I've ever received for working/surviving at a veterinary hospital is:

Whatever smelly lotion is available, put a dab/smear right under your nostrils to cover the hideous smell of __(fill in the blank)__.

Lavender lotion saved me. And I don’t even like "smelly" things!

Amy O'Daly demonstrating the trick of putting scented lotion under your nose to mask bad smells.

Since I received this advice, I can help clean up HGE diarrhea, not have my mouth profusely water while talking to a client who is holding a dog that has necrotic flesh, and maybe not even notice when there's a deobstipation happening in ER.

This advice has helped me tremendously and I pass it along whenever I get a chance. Sometimes, just sometimes I may offer up this advice after I've seen them actively gagging from smelling their own veterinary kryptonite. Sorry guys. Hopefully this blog helps spread the word!

Share this post with anyone it might help in the future, and comment to share any other useful veterinary survivial tips you have! We can all use them.

This has been a veterinary public service announcement. Thank you.



RoseMary Wells's picture

Another tip I've heard is using Vicks rub under your nose and wearing a mask

Amy O'Daly's picture

Hi RoseMary. Yes, I've heard of the vicks rub as well and some of my co-workers have used that trick. Sometimes it is whatever smelly thing is the closest when in a rush eh?!

Jessica Carroll's picture

Out of all the things I've come across, and had to clean, poop is the only thing that still gets to me. It doesn't matter how hard I try to cover up the fact that I'm on the verge of spilling my lunch. This will definitely come in handy. Thank you.

Cari Yakubsin 's picture

I’ve always used a mask with a little Febreeze sprayed in the outside