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Posted: May 31, 2012
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  1. Welcome to management! Your priority is not to make friends or be liked. The sooner you accept that fact, the better off you’ll be.
  2. Knowing that, your number one priority is to help your staff grow and develop for the betterment of themselves and your practice. Embrace that. Be their coach and mentor.
  3. Sometimes it is in everyone’s best interest for an employee’s growth and development to occur at someone else’s practice. That’s okay.
  4. Know how to let go and not take things personally. An occasional glass of wine or a long walk with your dogs after work can help.
  5. Know yourself and your strengths and develop a management style around those.
  6. Don’t be afraid to admit when you are wrong - we all make mistakes. Owning up to your mistakes will only make you a stronger leader.
  7. You are not Oprah. While it is important to be empathetic, being your employee’s therapist makes you just that - not their manager (and giving away new cars is probably not in your budget).
  8. Conversely, you are also not the Gestapo. Creating a policy for paper towel usage (and other ridiculous topics) simply reinforce the idea all policies are stupid and should be ignored. Policies are important, but so is flexibility and practicality.
  9. Treat your staff like the professionals they are, but be clear on what you expect from them and how those expectations fit into the big picture.
  10. Management can be very hard and quite serious, but it can also be hilariously ludicrous. I once spent ten minutes discussing our “Pets at Work Policy” about a dog pooping on someone’s desk while illegally off-leash. Embrace the funny moments - we all know there are a lot of them in this line of work!



Coby Richter's picture

So, with respect to your #1 law of Monica, what about the people who transition from "not-management" to management? In the team setting those who are successful are people who are liked and those who are at least friendly if not making friends. Do you have advice for those who are moving from teammate to manager (or coach if you don't like mixed metaphors). BTW, love the list. Folks should sign off on it before accepting advancement.

Dana May's picture

Great tips! Reminds me of the code I lived by when I taught school aged children.

Christy Michael's picture

This is a great list, things to remember every day! One question though - if I'm drinking a glass of wine with the dogs after work, does that count as drinking alone or in company? While I try not to drink alone, those dogs ARE always around...