What Are Fridays Like at DoveLewis?

Posted: Dec 20, 2013
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It’s just another crazy Friday here at the DoveLewis. Our amazing anesthesia technician Kristin Spring is out sick, the ICU is filling up, and ER is rocking like only the ER can rock when there’s one receiving tech in until noon. Like I said, Friday. Because there isn’t a dedicated anesthesia tech today, the surgeries are also lining up.

Anesthesia veterinary technician Kristin Spring in the DoveLewis surgery suite

I was greeted this morning with, "You should go check on Coby. She was lurking around looking for you." Coby is the great Dr. Richter, and if she is "lurking" it means there's an opportunity to listen to some good music and chat about our favorite tv shows... while doing some anesthesia and surgery on the side. That also means no boring office work today! Done.

I wandered downstairs to see Dr. Herold (criticalist extraordinaire, smarter than anyone I know, always eager to help, total team player) monitoring anesthesia for surgery #1: A super cute, young, healthy FHO. She’s good on this one, but she is happy to pass off anesthesia duties for the next one in line. I start creeping Cornerstone looking for the next anesthesia victim (mine). Guess what I found?

THIRTEEN AND A HALF year old Maltese. Pyometra.

DoveLewis critical surgery setup with anesthesia equipment

It gets better. She’s currently on an aspirin regimen. Whaaaaaaa?! And the fact that she is waiting while a healthy FHO goes first means she’s pretty dehydrated and could use a few hours on IV fluids before anesthesia. Thanks Dr. Herold! You take the cute puppy, leave me with the ancient pus-filled uterus in a tiny, tiny old dog whose blood MAYBE won't clot so well. I do like a challenge. Plus it could mean more time to have nerdy discussions about Game of Thrones with Dr. Richter. And about old-school hip hop.

Happy Friday everyone!



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PS - I had barely a blood pressure for most of the procedure and threw a LOT of fluids/drugs/colloids her way, but the little old lady dog woke up like a champ!

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Megan, you are my hero! And I too get really excited over having a challenging anesthesia case! Sounds like a great Friday. Oh and GoT is also amazing.