When It "Pays Off"

Posted: Aug 17, 2012
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It makes me so happy when cases work out the way they are supposed to! I recently worked with a client whose dog was hospitalized at DoveLewis for 5.5 days. After thousands of dollars worth of treatment, they were able to take their beloved family companion home.

The dog’s prognosis was very guarded for the first two days of hospitalization and became slightly brighter on the third day — but was still not “out of the woods”. By this point the family had invested $5,000 into care. They wanted to take it day by day medically and financially, which is common when animals get this sick but the process very emotional, tiring, and consuming.

On the fourth day the dog was doing much better but still not eating, thus requiring injectable meds (much more expensive than oral meds) and still requiring quite intensive hospitalization. I updated the clients to let them know current charges, give a 24-hour estimate, and take a further deposit. They stated that they were not really able to do much more financially past the next day, and didn’t know what they could do because they didn’t have other forms of payment.

It breaks my heart when clients make it this far (their pet is responding to treatment and has stepped over the 50:50 threshold) to then have to stop due to financial reasons. But it is a reality of my job and an all-too-true reality for so many clients. I stayed positive and stated that the deposit would get this dog through another 24 hours with the high estimate, that we hoped he’d start eating and then transition to oral meds so that their deposit can stretch up to 36 hours if needed. I relayed the financial concerns of the client to the doctor so they were aware and could formulate another plan if the animal needed to be discharged (ie: possible transfer to regular doctor, rDVM, or food trial at home).

Well, this family must have been owed some great karma because the dog started eating overnight, transitioned to oral meds, and was on his way to get himself discharged! His elated family took him home on the SIXTH day and only had a balance (deposit was kept up-to-date with charges) of under $100 more to pay on discharge.

This is why I love my job!



Maria Hilton's picture

It's always hard to witness an owner struggling with finances. Stories like this are great to hear. :)

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Hi Maria,

Yes, it is very hard to witness and work with owners that are struggling with finances but unfortunately it is a daily occurrence in my job. Cases like this definitely make me feel good and remind me that the hard emotional work can pay off!