Why This Vet Tech Hates Fireworks

Posted: Jul 3, 2013
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I. Hate. Fireworks. First of all? What do they represent? Bombs. Every 4th of July (and Cinco de Mayo and New Year’s Eve, and various and sundry random holidays) we celebrate by simulating explosions that, in the wars we are celebrating, equal sunken ships, blown up planes, and bomb explosions. Yay us. Not usually one to get into any sort of political discussion with anyone, I have to draw the line at the THOUSANDS of dollars spent to put on these firework displays. Really? I’d rather have a ‘free parking downtown’ day or a lowering of bus ticket prices in lieu of fireworks. Seems like such a waste.

And the PEOPLE. The CROWDS. Yeesh. So many people crowding to watch fake bombs explode. In high school I lived in the St. Louis area and had the idea to go to downtown St. Louis with some friends to watch the 4th of July fireworks from the arch as they artistically exploded over the Mississippi river. Nice idea. In reality we sat in traffic on the freeway and watched half of them explode over concrete, then tried to turn around in East St. Louis (not the best part of town… my mom still doesn’t know this part) and got lost. After dark. In East St. Louis. I hate fireworks.

And why do people have to set off their fireworks all week?! Can’t we all just decide to be adults (yes, I know we’re talking about fire and explosions, two very non adult things) and set them off on ONE day only? I have a freaky dog. I have a dog so freaky I went to the woo woo to fix some of her freakiness. Fireworks make her INSANE. I no longer have molding around the doors in my house thanks to fireworks and the unpredictability of my neighbors deciding to light them. As long as I am home there is no threat. Heaven forbid I go to the grocery store while the tiny bombs are exploding – my reward is mydriasis, frantic panting, chewed up doorframes, bloody door handles, and sometimes a note from my neighbor trying to be nice about the noise. Thanks fireworks. I hate you.

Finally there’s the fallout at work. A ward full of terrified ‘stray’ dogs, those who dug under or jumped over the fence, went through windows or off of balconies, hit by cars or attacked by other dogs all due to fireworks. Like the 4th of July wasn’t already the busiest hospital holiday we have to add all of these poor animals to the mix. I’m over it. Have your barbecues, parades, fly your flags, celebrate this great country that we live in and all it offers us. But please. For the love of all things furry PLEASE stop the fireworks. I hate them.