Why We Stay Open

Posted: Nov 18, 2018
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We learned recently that some local emergency hospitals are sending their patients to DoveLewis in an attempt to manage their own caseloads. We get it—when you combine factors like a national hiring shortage and our pet-friendly community, some days feel unmanageable. It’s on those days that our teams are most proud of our promise to never close. We meet the wave of incoming patients head on, and do everything we can to ensure that they receive excellent care and the clients find excellent service. Read our most recent blog from Technician Manager, Carolyn Tran, CVT, about why she feels proud of the medical staff here at DoveLewis for staying open 24/7.


I’ve learned that it takes a special kind of person to work at DoveLewis. It’s clear to see we know how to work hard and be efficient. We strive every day to provide the best care, regardless of the patient count. We do sweat the small stuff and we don’t cut corners. We encourage a workplace that fosters growth and an unwavering commitment to the patients we serve. We utilize our skills and rise to the challenges ahead of us. We don’t let wait times, an overflowing parking lot, or back-to-back triages affect how we treat people and their pets. We employ only those that can think critically and act compassionately. We are always open and always ready to help.

It’s important to acknowledge why we come to work every day. Our team has a common goal: to make a difference and better ourselves, as well as those around us. We strive to create a positive environment so that when the going gets tough, we can rely on our teammates to pick us back up. We have a difficult job, and we need to be willing to step in and provide support when our co-workers need it most. Everyone is willing take care of each other because one day, you might need the extra hand.

It would be naïve to say that we don’t feel pressure--to think that we are so motivated by the good we are doing that we don’t feel exhausted, frustrated, or emotionally drained. On occasion, someone might say that what we are doing is impossible, that there’s no way we can catch up, or it’s too difficult. In those times, it’s up to our managers and leaders to rise up, and remind our staff that we are doing the best that we can, treating one patient at a time. We must support our teams in times of stress, and do our best to never let patient care waiver. Sometimes providing a handwritten note of recognition, an acknowledgement of hard work, or a slice of pizza will hold any of us over.

When wait times get long, it puts pressure on every single staff member in the hospital. On a daily basis we are already working at what feels like capacity, but it has never been an option to close. During these times, we over communicate and keep everyone talking to one another. We don’t make assumptions and we work through tasks at hand. We remind one another to take a moment and reflect on our work. It’s crucial that we don’t get bogged down and miss the bigger picture.

To me, working for a 24/7 emergency hospital means that we can care for pets even before they get here. It also means we can care for them long after they have left. Every day I can make a difference whether it’s listening to a client on the phone in their time of need, or seeing an animal go home after spending the last 72 hours in our ICU. The work we do is not contained within the walls of our hospital, and we can help make a difference in our neighborhood and community.

It may seem insignificant to be able to say, “You can call us anytime, we are always open,” but here at DoveLewis I am thankful that it’s true.