Sending and Managing Assignments

Sending Assignments

  1. From a list of content, or from a specific video or article page, select the green 'Assign to Person' button.
  2. Select the member(s) or group(s) to send the assignment to.
  3. Optional: Choose a due date and leave instructions.

Monitor Sent Assignments

  1. From the 'My Team' menu, select ‘Assignments’.
  2. The table on this page shows details for all assigned content, their due dates, and completed dates.
  3. This list can be filtered by content title, members assigning content, members assigned content, and completion status using the filters at the top of the page.

Monitor Member Activity

  1. From the 'My Team' menu, select ‘Team Member Activity'.
  2. Use the filters at the top of the page to look at team activity from a specific date range, group, title, or member name.
  3. The column titles showing the list of members and activities can also be used as filters.