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Stock Training Plans

Stock Training Plans are plans that has put together as recommendations for account administrators to use for staff training. Plans are designed for every hospital position, and are a combination of articles, videos and CE lectures. These plans cannot be edited, but can serve as a guide to make your own custom training plan, if needed.

To access Stock Training Plans:

Once you're logged into your account, select 'Training Plans', located under the 'My Team' menu. Under 'Stock Training Plans', you will see our entire list of pre-built plans for you use. 


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Trouble Viewing or Printing a CE Certificate

Any certificates you’ve received are always saved in your profile. Regardless of your premium account status, you will always be able to scrub in to your account to access them.

To view and print a certificate, log into your account, and choose “Certifications” under your username.

If you're having trouble opening them, please ensure you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. Adobe Acrobat Reader is free and available for Mac, Windows, and Linux at

Updating Billing Information

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Utilizing as a training tool is a unique, role based training tool created for every position and training level in your clinic, hospital or school. The website has built-in tools for account administrators to utilize and successfully create and implement staff training and education.

Sending a video or article to a member of your team 

  • Use the green ‘Assign to Person’ button on videos and articles
  • Choose member(s) and add a due date and message

Using’s Pre-Built Training Plans

  • Under your menu, click ‘Training Plans’
  • Under ‘Pre-Built Training Plans’ are listed all the plans that we have created for you. These plans cannot be added to or deleted.

Creating your own Custom Training Plans

  • Search for content for your staff and group together to create as many custom training plans as you want.
  • Plans can be edited, deleted, or sent to staff members at any time.

What are the premium account pricing options?

Every premium subscription begins with a seven day free trial. At the beginning of the trial, you'll choose your subscription size and billing cycle. Our annual subscriptions start at $425 for up to 20 members, or we offer a monthly subscription at $55 per month for up to 50 members. Additional subscription options and pricing are available. 

What is is a website consisting of procedural shorts of real patients, RACE-approved CE and training for everyone in a veterinary practice. Quizzes, training plans, and ability to access an online community of veterinary professionals makes the most valued and popular veterinary staff training website. is a product created by the staff of DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital located in Portland, Oregon. Learn more about us here.