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Do I need to use my real name?

Since this is a member-based website for veterinary professionals, your profile represents you as a professional. Unless you go by something other than your real name at work, you should use your real name.

If you take a CE quiz and print a CE certificate, your name will be on it. Your real, professional name needs to be on those certificates in order to use them as proof of CE credit.

Commenting on any piece of content will reveal your name as well.

Does offer closed captioned videos? is committed to expanding our closed captioned videos to be more accessible for all members. We are currently prioritizing adding closed captions to Technician videos, as these are heavily utilized in schools and universities. As of now, videos are only captioned in English. utilizes a human-generated closed captioning service that has a 99% accuracy. Additionally, our team ensures that all captions are reviewed by a medical team member at DoveLewis. This final step is critical to ensuring that veterinary terminology is translated appropriately. You can find our list of closed captioned videos here. 

How to Use the Closed Caption Features

To access closed captions on a video, click on the “CC” located in the lower-right hand corner of the video and select English.

You can also search within the captions for key-words. To do so, click on the small arrow within the caption.

Once the captions have expanded, use the top search bar to search for specific words within the video. If you click on the yellow highlighted word, it will automatically take you to that point in the video.

How can be used in a school or college institution? is used by hundreds of schools and veterinary programs worldwide! Please contact us directly at 866-333-3319 for more information and for more details on pricing and account set up. Pricing is based upon the amount of members that will be added to the account.

How do I access information about my community on offers members an opportunity to network and have access to a community of veterinary professionals online.

To find the members in your premium organization, click on ‘Community’ from the menu bar.

From there, you can find members in your own organization, contact bloggers, find specific content contributors, or search for other members of the community.

How do I cancel my account?

In order to cancel your account, click 'Scrub In' to log into your account. From the "My Team" drop down menu, click 'My Subscription', followed by the 'Cancel Renewal' button.

How do I start a free trial?

Click the orange 'Free Trial' button in the center of the homepage, or at the bottom of any other page on the website.

A free trial lasts for 7 days and will grant you access to our entire library of procedural shorts, RACE-approved CE, veterinary training, and much more!

How do I view a list of all content?

Along with viewing our training content according job title (Veterinarian, Technician, Assistant, Receptionist, and Manager), you can also view an entire list of training content we have to offer. Click here to do so.

I lost premium access. What happens to my profile?

Once you create an profile, it can always be accessed again regardless of your current premium account status. In other words, your profile always stays with you! Your profile is always active, but you won’t have access to premium content or features unless you are part of a premium organization.

With your profile:            

  • Access to all archived certificates to print at any time
  • Profile is searchable and optimized for networking opportunities
  • Transfer to new premium organizations, or start a free trial
  • Comment and direct message contributors and members, and have access to online community of veterinary professionals
  • Receive email from

What are the premium account pricing options?

Every premium subscription begins with a seven day free trial. At the beginning of the trial, you'll choose your subscription size and billing cycle. Our annual subscriptions start at $425 for up to 20 members, or we offer a monthly subscription at $55 per month for up to 50 members. Additional subscription options and pricing are available. 

What is is a website consisting of procedural shorts of real patients, RACE-approved CE and training for everyone in a veterinary practice. Quizzes, training plans, and ability to access an online community of veterinary professionals makes the most valued and popular veterinary staff training website. is a product created by the staff of DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital located in Portland, Oregon. Learn more about us here.