Utilizing atdove.org as a training tool

Atdove.org is a unique, role based training tool created for every position and training level in your clinic, hospital or school. The website has built-in tools for account administrators to utilize and successfully create and implement staff training and education.

Sending a video or article to a member of your team 

  • Use the green ‘Assign to Person’ button on videos and articles
  • Choose member(s) and add a due date and message

Using atdove.org’s Pre-Built Training Plans

  • Under your menu, click ‘Training Plans’
  • Under ‘Pre-Built Training Plans’ are listed all the plans that we have created for you. These plans cannot be added to or deleted.

Creating your own Custom Training Plans

  • Search for content for your staff and group together to create as many custom training plans as you want.
  • Plans can be edited, deleted, or sent to staff members at any time.