Earlier this year, the FDA concluded a report about the dangers of dog bone treats. Coby Richter, DVM, DACVS, blogs about an example of why dog bones can cause fatal complications.

Every time I walk by the bulk bins in certain grocery stores, I recall a beautiful middle aged Boxer dog that died because her family decided to give her a new treat. She’s not the only death from a...

Technician Training Specialist Jessica Waters-Miller, CVT, reviews the steps and tools needed to assist in an abdominocentesis procedure.

Coby Richter, DVM, DACVS, reviews how to safely remove a scalpel blade.

Nobody said this job would be easy.  There isn’t a veterinary technician in the world that started their career thinking that this job would be easy on their backs or even easy on their hearts.  However, in the face of this pandemic, occupational stress and burnout are reaching new heights.  Exhausted and overwhelmed, all team members are feeling the weight of excessive...

Closed collection urinary systems are frequently used at DoveLewis to collect urine from our patients in the ICU. Learn from Technician Jessica Waters-Miller, CVT, about how to empty and record important urine information.

Sarah Harris, CVT, VTS (ECC) demonstrates how to obtain a fecal sample from a dog using a fecal loop.

Warmies, or warmed water bottles, are occasionally used in veterinary medicine as a method to warm our patients. But before using them, it’s important to know the risks and safety precautions. Learn important usage recommendations from Technician Sarah Harris, CVT, VTS (ECC).

Humans are fallible. Humans make mistakes. And humans are at the core of veterinary medicine. That means that if we engage in the practice of caring for animals, errors will occur. That error might be getting client information wrong, misinterpreting a blood test, giving the wrong drug or the wrong dose. How we respond to those mistakes determines whether they are opportunities for positive...

In this CPR demonstration, DoveLewis Criticalist Ladan Mohammad-Zadeh, DVM, DACVECC, will review how to use a defibrillator to help resuscitate a patient.

In this CPR demonstration, learn from DoveLewis Criticalist Ladan Mohammad-Zadeh, DVM, DACVECC, about the different techniques for chest compressions and ventilation.