Surgery Assistant at DoveLewis, Anna Streitz, demonstrates how to load and operate an autoclave.

<p>Coby Richter, DVM, DACVS, discusses the benefits of using surgical checklists for anesthetic procedures. Included with this video is a printable surgical checklist.</p>

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Mandi Blackwelder, DVM, CCRP, demonstrates the use of a Class IV companion laser for therapy on a dog with previous TPLO surgery.

In this lecture, Jenn Fiendish, CVT, VTS (Behavior), discusses low stress handling techniques and why they are important. <br> </br> This talk is specifically RACE-approved for one Technician CE credit.

Blood Bank Director at DoveLewis, Jill Greene, CVT, discusses the importance of blood typing, with or without a previous transfusion, and the types of blood available.

Surgery Assistant at DoveLewis, Anna Streitz, demonstrates how to operate an Anprolene® Ethylene Oxide (EtO) Gas Sterilizer.

Caryn Reynolds, DVM, DACVIM (cardio), discusses heartworm disease and the epidemiological changes of the disease over the past 3 years.

It’s National Dog Bite Prevention week! As the Safety Manager at DoveLewis, animal bites are always at the front of my proverbial stove. I would like to say that we have a zero bite record, but that would be false. As an emergency and critical care hospital, we see a predominance of animals presenting injured, in pain, and not at their best. We also see many stray animals brought in by Good...

Liz Hughston, MEd, RVT, VTS (SAIM, ECC), discusses the placement, use, and care of intraosseous catheters.

In this unusual case, Coby Richter, DVM, DACVS, discusses safety tips and best practices when working with potentially dangerous animals.