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Sarah Harris, CVT, demonstrates how to collect a blood sample from the jugular vein of a feline patient.

Even for experienced staff, working at a veterinary ER can be hectic, heartbreaking, and overwhelming.  For brand new employees, adapting to the pace can be rough.  Unfortunately, I’ve seen new hires get overwhelmed by the work load and leave after only a few days.  There’s nothing worse than investing time and energy to hire and train someone with lots of potential, only to see...

Whether you are applying for a position in a new city, or promotion at your current hospital, there are a few tips you should keep in mind. Cheryl Latta, DoveLewis Human Resources Manager, discusses how to make the best impression during your next interview.

Christy Michael, BVMS, reviews different techniques for completing a hydration assessment.

Nutrition in hospitalized patients is often overlooked in the early hours of illness. With blood work to run and radiographs to take, diarrhea to clean up and blood pressures to measure we forget that our patient has not eaten in two days in the hospital, and maybe not for two days before admitting to the hospital. The body relies on nutrition to function, and more importantly to heal, so why...

James Reid, CVT, demonstrates how to safely move an anesthetized patient from surgery prep into the surgery suite.

Talk to anyone in vet med about why they are in the field, and you are likely to get a response laced with misanthropy. Bring up the possibility of human medicine with a vet tech, and elicit a squirm of distaste or a gag response. Something along the lines of, “ugh, people are gross". While these statements are given half-jokingly, we do seem to value some...

Megan Brashear, CVT, VTS (ECC), discusses the normal values for blood pressures, anesthetic complications, and to how to manage them.

Brandi Faries, CVT, demonstrates how to perform anal gland expression on a dog.