Bullying between staff members can be hard to identify. Learn from Cheryl Latta, DoveLewis Human Resources Manager, about how to recognize bullying behaviors and prevent it from happening.

The job market has changed. Certified Veterinary Technicians are difficult to find and retain. In this article, Monica Maxwell discusses why CVT recruiting is so difficult and strategies to help clinics attract and retain the employees they have.

Certified Veterinary Technicians have become the mythical unicorns of the veterinary recruiting world. Portland, and most of the country, is...

Continuing from Staff Transition to Management: Part I, Cheryl Latta, DoveLewis Human Resources Manager, reviews common difficulties that new managers face and tips for making the most of your new promotion.


Making the transition to management can be extremely difficult. It’s hard enough to establish boundaries with co-workers that used to be your friends, let alone...

Cheryl Latta, DoveLewis Human Resources Manager, talks about the difficulties that can come with a promotion to management, and tips for handling new responsibilities.

Anthony Strode and Cy Torrey, DoveLewis Client Liaisons, discuss the importance of providing great client experiences through their new positions as Client Liaisons. Learn how they are taking customer service to the next level, and how you can incorporate similar elements into your hospital. Client Liaison Job Description

Being a veterinarian is exhausting, isn't it? We need to care about so many things!

I need to care about that blocked cat whose owners can't afford treatment. I need to care about that dog with pulmonary metastasis whose owners would go to the ends of the earth and pay any amount of money for him ... but we've reached the end of the road. I need to care about that stray cat dropped off...

DoveLewis CEO, Ron Morgan, and Chief Administrative Officer, Monica Maxwell, discuss how they are managing minimum wage and decompression at DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital.

Sexual harassment is a topic we all need to be aware of. Learn from Cheryl Latta, Human Resources Manager, about handling sexual harassment in your clinic and how to take appropriate action. Download Interview Template

March is Wellness Month at DoveLewis! Join Enid Traisman, Pet Loss Support Director, and Chelsea Lincoln, Special Accounts Coordinator, to learn about creating memorial tables to support your colleagues. Download Supplies List

Whether you are applying for a position in a new city, or promotion at your current hospital, there are a few tips you should keep in mind. Cheryl Latta, DoveLewis Human Resources Manager, discusses how to make the best impression during your next interview.