Discussing euthanasia with clients can be difficult and emotional. DoveLewis Client Service Representatives (our version of Receptionist) offer advice from their experiences in dealing with grieving clients. 

It’s a fact of life – not every client who walks though your doors will be agreeable with everything. DoveLewis Client Services Representatives (our version of Receptionist) give some tips on how to deal with unhappy clients and keep your good mood intact.

My job consists of two main parts: auditing the charts of the patients currently in hospital and updating clients on their pet’s charges. 

Here is a short (really, who wants to listen to auditing detailsssszzzzzzzzzzz) synopsis of my auditing:

Take physical chart to compare check in orders, daily treatment sheet, bloodwork results, etc. with charges entered into our software...

Did you know that caring too much can hurt? When veterinary staff members are exposed to others pain, they can succumb to symptoms associated with the secondary traumatic stress disorder now labeled compassion fatigue. Compassion fatigue can affect those emotionally influenced by the trauma of another being.

We know that our staff is at risk due to the cases that come to our hospital—...

Triage is the act of organizing patients into levels of importance. The worst patients should be seen first, the more stable patients can ‘wait their turn’. By using information given to you by the owner and by using your knowledge and observation skills you as a technician can quickly triage a lobby full of patients and organize your DVM.

Technicians and front desk staff need...