Beth Ann Fretz and Kaitlyn Sanborn, Client Service Representatives at DoveLewis, walk through the administrative process of patient euthanasia, and how to help customers during the difficult time.

Chief Human Resources Officer, Monica Maxwell, and HR Generalist, Cheryl Latta, address culture issues and signs managers should look out for when it comes to burn out and depression.

<p>Live Again co-founder, Eric Snyder, comes to DoveLewis to talk with HR Generalist, Cheryl Latta, about suicide awareness and prevention.</p><br>

<u>Resources mentioned in this video:</u><br> National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273- TALK (8255)<br> Crisis Text Line: text 'START' to 741741<br>

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Natural disasters impact thousands of pets and veterinary hospitals each year. Christy Michael, BVMS, discusses ways to help your local and national veterinary community. Dr. Michael also recommends relief and recovery teams specific to the United States.

Former DoveLewis Client Service Representative, Kaitlyn Sanborn, discusses helpful tips and strategies for talking to unhappy clients over the phone.

DoveLewis CEO Ron Mogan and Chief Human Resources Officer Monica Maxwell discuss the controversial firing of an employee at Google.

Client Service Representative, Beth Ann Flick, discusses tips for communicating with clients who are experiencing a stressful emergency with their pet.

Client Service Representative at DoveLewis, Kaitlyn Sanborn, discusses best practices on taking payments and closing books at the end of your shift.

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As a leader at DoveLewis, one of my main focuses is to ensure Dove employees have the tools and resources they need to perform their jobs. Over the last few years, Dove has gone through a tremendous amount of growth. That increase in patients and services has changed the job of our Client Service Representatives (CSRs). Not only did our CSRs report they felt overwhelmed, but our...

In this unusual case, Coby Richter, DVM, DACVS, discusses safety tips and best practices when working with potentially dangerous animals.