Earlier this year, the FDA concluded a report about the dangers of dog bone treats. Coby Richter, DVM, DACVS, blogs about an example of why dog bones can cause fatal complications.

Every time I walk by the bulk bins in certain grocery stores, I recall a beautiful middle aged Boxer dog that died because her family decided to give her a new treat. She’s not the only death from a...

Patients that stay with us in the DoveLewis ICU need thoughtful treatment plans that cover anything from temperature monitoring to blood transfusions. Learn from Technician Sarah Harris, CVT, VTS(ECC) about the three forms of warming commonly used in the ICU, and the patients to consider them for.

When cats present at DoveLewis for urinary obstructions, these critical patients’ needs nursing care from the moment they arrive. Learn from DoveLewis Technician Sarah Harris, CVT, VTS(ECC) about how to prevent urinary catheter issues and ensure a comfortable stay in the ICU.

Cats suffering from certain diseases may need blood products like plasma or whole red blood. Learn from Blood Bank Coordinator Kelsey Reinauer, CVT, about processing a feline blood donation into separate products for use in feline patients.

On a regular basis, DoveLewis sends lifesaving blood products all over the country to cats and dogs in need. Learn from Blood Bank Coordinator Kelsey Reinauer, CVT, about processing a canine blood donation for use and storage.

As veterinary professionals, you take on an emotional burden of distressing situations of your animal patients and clients every day. Balint groups provide a safe environment to discuss with fellow veterinary professionals the stressors and rigors of clinical practice.

When a patient comes in with GI upset, the root cause of the issue can be difficult to determine. DoveLewis Technician Sarah Harris, CVT, VTS(ECC) reviews a few common questions she likes to ask owners in order to get the most helpful information.

Learn from Cardiology Assistant Nikki King, about her path to becoming a critical member in the DoveLewis cardiology department here at DoveLewis.


In this field it’s not uncommon to feel the toll of burn out. I would feel mine come and go, having a hard day or entire week where I wasn’t coping as well as usual, making me wonder, is this burn out? But then over the...

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way many of us do our jobs. While we are settling into new routines, Client Liaison Erin Neilon, reviews a few key communications tips for your clients and your team.


A lot has changed over the past few months when it comes to daily interactions with people. Do you hold the door open for someone? Do you sit next to...

Kidney disease is very common in companion animals. Clinical signs of renal disease don’t occur until kidneys have lost at least 75% of their function, making routine diagnostics key in early recognition of disease. This lecture presented by DoveLewis Technician Sarah Harris, CVT, VTS(ECC), will provide a review of available diagnostics, how they work, and what they tell us. <br></...