Earlier this year, the FDA concluded a report about the dangers of dog bone treats. Coby Richter, DVM, DACVS, blogs about an example of why dog bones can cause fatal complications.

Every time I walk by the bulk bins in certain grocery stores, I recall a beautiful middle aged Boxer dog that died because her family decided to give her a new treat. She’s not the only death from a...

Brachycephalic cats are known for being social media stars, but did you know that they are significantly more likely to suffer from respiratory stress? Learn from Patient Care and Educational Specialist Sarah Harris, CVT, VTS (ECC) about ways to decrease stress and breathing complications during their visit.

An endotracheal wash can yield good samples for cytology​ and sterile samples for culture. In this video with Criticalist Ladan Mohammad-Zadeh, DVM, DACVECC, watch a demonstration of an endotracheal wash.

Sometimes our career takes us in surprising directions. In this episode, atdove.org Account Executive Kaitlyn Sanborn discusses how she forged a somewhat unexpected path in vet med. She explains how she went from working at a shelter during college to working overnights at the front desk of a hospital to her current roles as an account executive for atdove.org, DoveLewis's veterinary...

Learn from DoveLewis Technician Connie Christensen, CVT, about how we use the 5 R's in the ICU as a way to minimize patient errors.

The HotDog Patient Warmer is a safe and effective way to ensure your patients are able to maintain a healthy body temperature during surgery, or in their kennel. Learn the safety considerations and how to use the HotDog Patient Warmer with Sarah Harris, CVT, VTS(ECC).

Technician Sarah Harris, CVT, VTS(ECC), discusses how to safely handle and store your pet's insulin at home.

Giving medications to cats can be a challenge. Technician Sarah Harris, CVT, VTS(ECC), demonstrates how to administer oral medications to help cat​ owners feel confident in giving them their medications at home.

DoveLewis Technician Kara Erdman, CVT, provides helpful tips on how to administer oral medications to ensure dog​ owners feel confident in giving their pet's medications at home.

Technician Training Specialist Jessica Waters-Miller, CVT, demonstrates how to administer insulin using a syringe and needle to help dog owners feel confident while giving insulin to their diabetic dogs.