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Training should be about learning, so we cut out the prep work. makes it easy to train your whole veterinary staff without adding more to your day (or theirs).

One Account Gives Your Whole Team Access

We’re all in this together, so let’s train like it! Whether you’re a small, local clinic or a national operation, one atdove account can cover your entire team. This is the cost-effective, simple option you’ve been looking for.

Yes, Those Are Our Actual Team Members.

Everyone at our hospital pitches in to make atdove the most practical online veterinary training tool possible. It’s not uncommon to walk into our ER and see our techs teaching out loud to the camera as they insert an IO catheter or to see our client service managers drafting a new blog about their latest soft-skill breakthrough. From front-of-house to staff DVMs to specialists, our entire team is here for yours.

I love the training on
There are so many topics that go into great details and are very informative. I think the training and the website layout is great.

Adrienne Lopez BluePearl Veterinary Hospital

" has been a great tool for my team.The videos are wonderful reminders of good, general client services and their procedural shorts are awesome. I'm such a fan of the program!"

Kat Burns, CVPM Director of Operations & Veterinary Services, Humane Society of Bolder Valley

As a veterinary technician educator, I look forward to using atdove videos prior to a lab. On the rare occasion we don't, I say, "a day without atdove is like a day without dentals and anal glands...Completely useless!" Well, maybe not THAT dramatic, but my job is definitely easier with atdove!

Betsy Drobnitch Pima Medical Institute

I feel the training that the videos give me and my staff is valuable in medical as well as management.

Dr. Robert Bruno Moreland Veterinary Hospital

I love how easy it is to look up basic training to provide a visual to go along with the practical.

Heather Freeman Crossroads Animal Hospital

Great team resource for
training, refreshing, and growth.

Theresa Ayers Mountain View Veterinary Hospital

We Have Playlists for Simpler Learning

We’ve pre-built training plans of related content that you can assign to team members right from the start. Use them to up-level a team member’s skills or to help a new team member catch up on the essentials. When you’re ready, you can customized your own training plans to make your online veterinary training even more effective.

Quizzes Check Comprehension

Our hospital uses quizzes to make sure lessons are sticking—especially if we’re training something new! That’s why we have built-in quizzes at the end of every video and article to make sure teammates are really getting it. A passed quiz earns you a certificate and stored in your account!

Assign Lessons and Track Progress

With nearly 200 team members, we know how tricky it can be to make sure everyone is on track. We’ve built essential team management tools into atdove so that you can easily assign lessons and track progress of individuals and teams.

Bookmark So You Can Come Back Later.

See something interesting but have a patient arriving? Save it for later with a bookmark.

Earn RACE Hours on Your Own Schedule.

Over 50 of our videos are RACE approved, and we’re growing that number every day. An atdove account will give your team the flexibility to knock out those CE hours whenever it fits into their schedule.

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