Technician Training Kits

Workbooks to standardize your team’s onboarding and training.

Level One Kits Sold Out! (New Kits Coming Soon!) | 5-pack $250

Focus on the skills that your team will use every shift.

The Level One Technician Training Kit come in two versions: General Practice or Emergency & Critical Care. Both versions cover important skills, like safe restraint, monitoring patient vitals, and use of anesthetic records, plus plenty of technician tips that are applicable to technicians in any veterinary practice.

Inside the Technician Training Kits

  • Clear vinyl front and back covers to protect from splashes
  • Spiral bound for an easy-to-hold, flat writing surface.
  • Notes sections and blank pages to keep track of questions, notes, and reminders.
  • Perforated tear-away management instructions and exam answer key
  • Checklists of core concepts and skills
  • A-Z Technician Terminology glossary
  • CPR Log
  • Skills assessment exam and certificate of completion

Checklists keep track of core concepts and skills.

It’s amazing the amount of knowledge your technicians bring to work every day. Track individual progress and ensure consistency throughout your entire team while they complete skills, including (but not limited to!):

  • Patient preparation for abdominal ultrasound
  • Calculating tidal volume for anesthetic procedures
  • Use of IV and syringe pumps
  • Low-stress and effective patient restraint
  • ECG set-up
  • Hospital-wide standards such as hospital cleaning protocols

What’s special about the General Practice workbook?

The GP workbook will be your team’s with topics covering preventative care and dentistry, and a skills assessment that ensures they understand vaccine schedules, how to perform dental charting, and improve client communication when discussing flea and heartworm preventative.

The ECC workbook and how it helps non-stop teams.

Our comprehensive list of emergency treatment skills come straight from the floor of our VECCS Level 1, 24/7 emergency and specialty hospital. With it as a guide, teams can reinforce the basics of emergency triage, treatment of urinary obstructions, and sampling body cavity fluids. Exam questions in this kit incorporate the need for critical thinking in an unpredictable environment.

Personalized and practical workbooks for real professionals.

We carry around our notebooks just like you do, and we designed the Level One Technician Training Kit with your sometimes messy, gooey, fast-paced environment in mind.

Use workbooks as a foundation for your team’s training.

Onboarding. Shadowing. Trial by fire. See one, do one, teach one. Getting your team trained up is hard. It’s why we made this workbook. With checklists, exams, and helpful resources, trainers can spend their time focusing on ensuring their team is on track.