Technician Training Kits

Workbooks to standardize your team’s onboarding and training on the clinic floor.

Level One Kits (ECC and GP Version) | 5-pack $250
Level Two Kits (ECC and GP Version) | 5-pack + Manager Workbook $350

Your team, united in training.

It’s amazing the amount of knowledge your technicians bring to work every day. Track individual progress and build consistency across your team with two levels of Technician Training Kits.

Two Versions and Two Levels to Choose From

This in-clinic kit comes in two levels for two areas: General Practice or Emergency & Critical Care. All workbooks help techs track their skills with checklists that include safe restraint, monitoring vitals, and use of anesthetic records. By using the skills assessment, managers can easily see which skills each tech has mastered.

Use the Level One kit to standardized your training system and evaluate a new hire’s skills with tasks achievable within their first six months at a clinic.

The Level Two kit encourages techs to advance their skills and solidify their knowledge after onboarding. With skills focused on stabilized patients in ECC and preventive care for all species and ages in GP, techs can learn for 2+ years at your clinic.

Level One: Build Foundations on the Floor

With checklists of 80+ skills, trainers can spend time getting their teams on track from day one. The skills and concepts list helps technicians complete key skills within their first 6 months. Track your team’s progress as they complete skills, including:

  • Patient prep for abdominal ultrasound
  • Calculating tidal volume for anesthetic procedures
  • Use of IV and syringe pumps
  • Low-stress and effective restraint
  • ECG set-up
  • Hospital-wide standards such as hospital cleaning protocols

After demonstrating each skill, technicians can complete the multiple choice exam to identify areas of strength and improvement. The kit is not a replacement for educational institutions and certified veterinary technician programs.

Level One: Inside the Technician Training Kits

  • Checklists of 80+ core concepts and skills
  • Perforated tear-away management instructions and exam answer key
  • Exam with over 30 multiple choice questions
  • Notes sections and blank pages to keep track of questions, notes, and reminders
  • A-Z Technician Terminology glossary
  • CPR Log
  • Certificate of completion

Level Two: Strengthen Your Team, Every Shift

Master 10+ pages of skills and encourage feedback with the Level Two Training Kit for techs and managers. Techs will demonstrate advanced skills that include:

  • Phlebotomy collection in small mammals and exotics
  • Perform coagulation tests
  • Demonstrate non-traditional intubation techniques
  • Understand local and regional anesthesia
  • Understand safety considerations and drug reactions of common medications

Techs can complete the skills checklist, multiple choice exam, and practical application within 2-3 years of working at a clinic, helping trainers identify areas needing improvement. The kit is not a replacement for educational institutions and certified veterinary technician programs.

Level Two: Inside the Technician Training Kits

  • Separate manager edition with exam, answer key, and feedback sheets
  • Over 10 pages of advanced concepts and skills
  • Practical application to promote conversation and real-life understanding of concepts and disease
  • Notes sections and blank pages to keep track of questions, notes, and reminders
  • Dental Reference Guide (GP only)
  • Exotic Reference Guide (ECC only)
  • Team support and wellness tools

For the General Practice Technician

The General Practice kit will be your team’s with topics covering preventative care and dentistry, and a skills assessment that ensures they understand vaccine schedules, how to perform dental charting, and improve client communication when discussing flea and heartworm preventative.
Below are skills from the Skills Checklist that are specific to the General Practice Kit:

  • Full mouth dental radiographs (Level One)
  • Anal gland expression (Level One)
  • Communicate flea and tick preventative with owners (Level One)
  • Understand dosing considerations for dental blocks (Level Two)
  • OFA hip dysplasia screening radiographs (Level Two)
  • Understand timing and types of pregnancy testing (Level Two)

For the Emergency & Critical Care Technician

Our list of emergency skills come from the floor of our VECCS Level 1, 24/7 emergency and specialty hospital. Teams can reinforce the basics of emergency triage, treatment of urinary obstructions, and sampling body cavity fluids and build critical thinking skills for an unpredictable environment. Below are skills that are specific to the ECC Kits:

  • Recognize and start treatment of common toxicities (Level One)
  • Understand isolation protocol (Level One)
  • Thoracocentesis patient prep and assistance (Level One)
  • Blood transfusion administration and monitoring (Level Two)
  • Manually suction chest tube (Level Two)
  • Understand how to set up and perform pnuemocolonogram (Level Two)