A Response From atdove.org

The disturbing event of George Floyd's tragic death goes against our basic humanity and everything we stand for here at atdove.org. There is no room for racial injustice or discrimination of any kind in society.


With community as one of our core values, we believe in compassion, equality, and justice for all. Our foundation is in supporting and training others, and ourselves, for the betterment of the society - both for humans and animals, alike. We strive to create an inclusive culture and continue to educate ourselves on these issues. We are hopeful for peaceful, meaningful action during this current situation in our immediate community and nationwide.


It is important for us to acknowledge how these recent events–as well as those of the past – are impacting us on a personal level. It is heartbreaking. The country has been rallying together to take unprecedented steps to stem the path of not only a deadly virus but also inequality in our country. We have been working to make sure that our team members have access to mental health resources to process their emotions and thoughts as well.


In an industry that lacks diversity as a whole, we want to make sure we are doing everything possible to better promote diversity, equity, and an absolute feeling of inclusion and belonging at DoveLewis and within our atdove.org community. A DEI initiative was a direct outcome of a strategic plan that we launched in 2019, and recent events have reinvigorated our sense of urgency. As a team, we are reflecting, researching, debating, and listening. We will continue to share our thoughts and actions with you.


We are proud to be a part of the veterinary community and are proud to be a training resource and animal hospital that provides compassion, care, and kindness to people. Always.


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