Staying Connected During Uncertain Times

Many of us may be adapting to some or all of your team members working from home as we help to reduce the spread of COVID-19. It is difficult to stay connected when your entire team is not as readily available to discuss tasks and projects that come up, especially as the COVID-19 outbreak continues to evolve. This is truly a new experience for us all. 

The DoveLewis business staff is currently following the recommendations of the CDC and local government to work from home to help protect our community from the spread of COVID-19. With this change, we are continually working on ways to best communicate with all of our teams so we remain connected during these uncertain times. 

We are all continuing to learn and adapt to the ongoing situation. We want to remain connected to not only our team but everyone still doing their dedicated work at our hospital. At times, we all begin to feel disconnected from each other, but we are learning the most effective ways of communication during this stressful time.


Read more here about our experience in helping our teams stay connected and ease anxiety while some staff continue to work remotely.




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