Hoarded Cats Treated at DoveLewis After Neglect

Tuesday, December 13, 2016 - 00:00

Six lucky cats recently received a second chance at a good life. This fall, 30 cats were rescued from a hoarding situation, and six of those were brought to DoveLewis to receive emergency medical attention.

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Winter Pet Health and Care Tips

Monday, November 28, 2016 - 00:00

Bundle up and keep pets safe this winter season. From weather changes to family gatherings, the winter months can be hard on our pets. Pets living in moderate climates do not often acclimate well to significant drops in temperature. Even short bouts of extreme cold can cause serious or fatal... Read Article

Flooding and Standing Water Dangers for Pets – Hazards, Tips and Symptoms

Friday, October 14, 2016 - 00:00

It’s that time of year when rain is the rule rather than the exception. With downpours frequently drenching our streets and backyards, the chances of encountering dirty puddles increases. And so do the hazards pets can face.

“Dirty standing water can carry potentially toxic chemicals from... Read Article



Our Site: is a web-based training program that provides videos and tools to veterinary professionals. Staff at DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital developed the site as a tool to train new hires. Launching in 2011 as On the Floor @Dove, the website offers over 400 veterinary instructional videos. These videos always feature real patients and real staff on the hospital floor.

Our Hospital: DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital is a non-profit, 24-hour emergency and critical care hospital in Portland, Oregon. The veterinary teaching hospital is ttriple AAHA-accredited specialty facility. DoveLewis veterinary training online provides top quality continuing education, internships, and externships for veterinarians and technicians from around the world. The development of is the optimal way for DoveLewis to expand its education mission and reach as a non-profit organization. By the Numbers

  • Accessed by users in 206 countries and all 50 states

  • More than 40,000 active users a month

  • Offering more than 450 procedural shorts and 44 Continuing Education lectures

Content provides short procedural videos, medical articles, and blogs for every hospital position. Popular content categories for front desk staff, assistants, technicians, doctors and managers include:


  • Members create profiles that connect them to an online community of veterinary professionals. They can send messages and start dialogues about specific pieces of content.
  • Members can ask questions directly to DoveLewis staff or any contributor of content on the website via direct messaging or public commenting.
  • Hospital managers can create training plans and monitor their staff’s progress.
  • Premium members can request content to be created just for them or their hospital.

Media Inquiry

If you are media and have questions, would like to demo the site, or schedule a tour of DoveLewis Animal Hospital, please contact us.