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Getting Started with Dental Charting

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Becky Smith, CVT, VTS (Clinical Practice), of Rose City Veterinary Hospital discusses the importance of dental charting, how to get started with dental charting in your practice, and the different abnormalities to chart in canine and feline dental cleanings.

This talk is specifically RACE-approved for one Technician CE credit.

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Becky Smith


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Shaunna Emmons's picture

Is it possible to get the notes from any of these presentations? I am trying to teach my surgical staff how to chart dentals appropriately.

Erin Ware's picture

I would also really love to have a copy of these power point slides. Is that possible?

Chelsea Lincoln's picture

Hi Erin,

That is a great question! We do not have the slides, but we do have the lecture notes that are helpful. We will get those uploaded later this week, so please check back.