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Acute Kidney Injury

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Erika Loftin, DVM, DACVECC, gives an in-depth lecture about acute kidney injury. After a review of renal physiology, diagnostics, patient assessment, treatment modalities, drug pharmacology, and patient monitoring for kidney disease are discussed.

This talk is specifically RACE-approved for one DVM or one Technician CE credit.

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Erika Loftin


Enrolled: 08/2011

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Minka Kulenovic's picture

When completing the quiz, can we see how we answered our questions, in the case of mistakes where did we go wrong?

Linda Sorensen's picture

Question 6 "Which of the following can increase the potential for a patient developing a Hospital Acquired Acute Kidney Infection?" Shouldn't "infection" be "injury"?

Kaitlyn Sanborn's picture

Good catch! We have gone in and made that correction, thank you letting us know.