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Administering a Rabies Vaccine

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Sarah Tauber, DVM, demonstrates administering a rabies vaccine to a cat.

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Sarah Tauber


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Rose Manduca's picture

It did not look like the vaccine was administered "below the point of the stifle" as described.

Sarah Tauber's picture

Rose, thank you for your concern and your observation. I think the orientation of the limb with the stifle being completely flexed makes it difficult to see. The vaccination was given just proximal to the hock at the caudal aspect of the limb. I watched the video again, and I think it's the flexion of the limb making it difficult to see. We will try to make it more clear in the future! Thanks.

Karol Jamandri's picture

is there any way to see the questions again for the quiz so i can typed it in on my quizlet for future references and practice quiz?