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Aftercare Paw Prints

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Technician Assistant, Cecily Douglas, demonstrates how to make a set of ink paw prints as part of aftercare on deceased patients.

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Cecily Douglas

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Carrie Southard's picture

I think this is a awesome idea! (: I know I would greatly appreciate it if I was in the position of losing a pet.

Valerie M's picture

This video was great! I made my first paw prints tonight using the techniques you demonstrated, and they came out near perfect. My colleagues would like to know if you are going to make a video about making clay paw molds. Thanks.

Kendra Berube's picture

We started doing this as well, we take one paw print and put it on a card with a window, then embellish with pretty flowers.I think many appreciate the extra touch.

Lisa  Penn's picture

I LOVE the thought and compassion that went into the aftercare paw print project. I wish I would have thought of this myself when I lost my dogs. As an owner of unique animals that have impacted my family's lives this keepsake "framed" would have been wonderful:}

Robyn Patzer's picture

We use ink at my hospital and I was taught that if you get the paw pad wet after shaving(with a baby wipe or gauze with water) the ink tends to stick easier.