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Aftercare Paw Prints

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Technician Assistant, Cecily Douglas, demonstrates how to make a set of ink paw prints as part of aftercare on deceased patients.

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Cecily Douglas

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Carrie Southard's picture

I think this is a awesome idea! (: I know I would greatly appreciate it if I was in the position of losing a pet.

Valerie M's picture

This video was great! I made my first paw prints tonight using the techniques you demonstrated, and they came out near perfect. My colleagues would like to know if you are going to make a video about making clay paw molds. Thanks.

Kendra Berube's picture

We started doing this as well, we take one paw print and put it on a card with a window, then embellish with pretty flowers.I think many appreciate the extra touch.

Lisa  Penn's picture

I LOVE the thought and compassion that went into the aftercare paw print project. I wish I would have thought of this myself when I lost my dogs. As an owner of unique animals that have impacted my family's lives this keepsake "framed" would have been wonderful:}

Robyn Patzer's picture

We use ink at my hospital and I was taught that if you get the paw pad wet after shaving(with a baby wipe or gauze with water) the ink tends to stick easier.

Jaylynn Ross's picture

How do you present the pawprint to the owners? My hospital is thinking about changing to this. Do you place them in a frame?

Jessica Waters-Miller's picture

Hi Jaylynn, Thanks for the question! Most of the time we send the pawprints inside a handwritten card to the owners in the mail. That way we have time to get a good print and write a heartfelt note to the client. If the owner has chosen home burial, then we will prioritize preparing the pet to go home with the owner and make prints while preparing. We do not send the prints with a frame but that is a really nice idea!