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Antiseptic Solution Protocol

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DoveLewis Technician Assistant, Sarah Hunter, describes the protocol for changing bottles of alcohol, scrub, and solution stored on the hospital floor.

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Sarah Hunter

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Dani Minick's picture

How fast does the bacteria grow in the different solutions?

Megan Brashear's picture

Dani, we've never waited long enough to find out! Bacterial growth will depend on storage and how often contaminates come in contact with your bottles and solution - including the big bottles of solution used to fill smaller bottles. Years ago we had the giant tubs of presoaked chlorhexadine gauze sponges and were having IV catheter site infections and we were growing gross bugs in those containers so we switched to this method and have minimal catheter site issues.

Megan Brashear's picture

Maria, those are 8oz yorker squeeze bottles, they can be ordered from any supplier. You can either have the straight tops or the curved ones like we have. The most important part is the changing and cleaning often.

Hillary Owen's picture

What sort of solutions do you use? It looks like from the video that you have full strength chlorhexidine solution and scrub maybe and then diluted chlorhexidine? Also, what sort of things do you use the full strength vs. the diluted? I'm working on my hospitals standard so I'm just trying to get some ideas. Thanks! Also, I LOVE your site. It's been INCREDIBLY helpful! Keep up the good work!

Megan Brashear's picture

Hillary, we do indeed have full strength and diluted chlorhexadine solution and scrub. The full strength we use on intact skin - for IVC placement, prior to thoracocentesis, etc. The dilute we use for prepuce/vaginal flush for urinary catheters, and for use on broken skin like wound prep etc.

Hillary Owen's picture

Thanks Megan! How much do you guys dilute your diluted chlorhexadine?

Amber Solomon's picture

Hi Hillary, We dilute both chlorhexadine solution and scrub by removing 400cc of distilled water from a gallon jug than add 400cc of chlorhexadine solution or scrub to that gallon.

Emily Call's picture

I've always been in favor of throwing the whole bottle out (old yorker and contents) and starting fresh. I also have the original containers with pump attachments in treatment and change them out with each new bottle- maybe overkill : )
Are you diluting 2% chlor hex. or 4%? (original concentrations)

Amber Solomon's picture

HI Emily, I don't think that is overkill at all. Better to play it safe! We are diluting from a 2% solution for both solution and scrub.

Lucas Bisel's picture

I am trying to set up a new hospital protocol and am having trouble finding literature on the correct dilution of chlorhexidine solution or scrub for surgical prep vs wound management. I would love your feedback!