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Appointment Flow

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Brittany Carey and Henry Struzik, on location at Pearl Animal Hospital, describe the flow of appointments and delineation of duties. From obtaining a weight to basic history and vitals, defining these duties allows them to work efficiently throughout the day.

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Brittany Carey's picture
Brittany Carey

Enrolled: 05/2013

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Henry Struzik

Enrolled: 04/2013

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Nikki White's picture

Scheduling new client/patient appointments for an hour is a great idea.

Sherry Baily's picture

First thing I noticed was Brittany's professionalism. I like the idea of standing at the reception desk rather then sitting. It gives the appearance that the staff are in a better posture and ready to assist others:)

Alayna Curtis's picture

This is a wonderful example of the flow of appointments at any hospital. It definitely resembles ours! Great job with this video!

Tracy McFarland's picture

I like this video because I can show it to my whole staff not just a certain group of staff. Very nice video.

Melanie Courtemanche's picture

I also agree that Brittany was very professional. I always try to stand up and greet our clients and furry patients. Somehow, I feel it's more genuine this way. Great video. A lot of great communication.

Te Aroha Paul's picture

This hospital shows great example off how the flow off appointments are a ease. It minimises the mad rush and stress it could put on the staff members and customers/patients.

Francene Alba's picture

I like the idea of using dry erase sheets at each room to communicate the Hx of the patients. In a small practice this would save on expense and the environment.