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Arterial Blood Draw

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Megan Brashear, CVT, VTS (ECC), demonstrates how to obtain an arterial blood sample for the dorsal pedal artery in a dog.

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Megan Brashear


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Joanie Abrams's picture

The visuals came out awesome! This is one of the techniques that still makes me excied to be a technicain. It is still an unusual feeling for me to try and aim the needle for the pulse but I feel accomplished when I can get a good sample.

Nadia Dapp's picture

What is the name of the syringes you are using? We are looking to order some at my practice. Thanks

Chris Green's picture

The syringes we use are Marquest - Gaslyte arterial blood sampler. Our inventory specialist orders them from IDEXX, the part number is: 9023RHSL - Be sure to tell them you are willing to pay for them.

Lorraine Uribe's picture

Wish there was special syringes like that for just regular blood draws! :)

Aria Guarino's picture

Hi Megan, what would recommend for practices that do not have special syringes? Should one person steady the needle while the other person draws back the syringe? What should we use to prevent air from mixing in the syringe? Thanks!

Megan Brashear's picture

It's not a big deal if you don't have special syringes, it just takes some dexterity! I have never tried with two people on the syringe, I just poke and very deliberately draw back on the plunger without moving the needle at all. It helps to steady the needle/syringe with your non-dominant hand (the one feeling for the artery) while you draw back. There will be a small amount of air that it in the syringe so once your out of the artery, flick the syringe to get the air bubble to the needle end and push the air out then immediately plug the needle by putting it into the rubber stopper to a blood tube. Then run your sample as you normally do!

Kailyn Chetuck's picture

Great video! What is the full name of the arterial blood sampling syringe used here? I wasn't able to read the full name on the packaging- I'd love to have these to work with at my practice!

Kayla Minger's picture

Since you are adding room air to the syringe instead of drawing back, will that not interfere with the blood gas results?

Jessica Waters-Miller's picture

Hi Kayla,

Great question! As Megan describes the room air in the syringe will be pushed out of the syringe as it is filled and then the sample is run immediately to limit the exposure. Even though there is a minimal amount of exposure to room air it should not be enough to effect results.